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We are committed to achieving student success, promoting public education and representing the membership of the North Central Washington Education Association.

Education is a social process.  Education is growth.  Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.  - John Dewey



​Welcome back to a new school year. I hope you have had a smooth transition from summer. As I reflect on last year, I am encouraged with our growth. We increased overall membership numbers, WEA-PAC members, and turned in close to 5,000 petition signatures. We also have an active PEA (Public Education Advocate) Committee and we spent our entire allotment. Our WEA-PAC committee started last year and they have held WEA-PAC drives, lobbied, interviewed candidates, and planned an educator town hall for December 10th. I look forward to our growth this year.

This last year, I have been living with cancer. It has taught me some valuable lessons!

1. I have an amazing support group made-up of family, friends, co-workers, and fellow union members. They have helped and supported me and kept me going on days that were rough.

2. I am strong and determined to win this battle!

3. I enjoy life's little and big memories just a little bit more.

4. I just keep smiling and it will be ok. 4. I take time to relax. (Ok, I am still working on this)

As we face challenges this year, remember we are over 3,000 members strong. On days that seem discouraging and difficult, reach out for support to lift you up and encourage you.

When we hear, "we are failing, state test scores need to be tied to evaluations, we will be taking money away from needed social agencies if basic education is fully-funded, and if we would just do whatever creative idea that the state and/or districts come up with because it's best for kids, and we can't afford smaller class sizes." Just remember we are together in this battle, we know what is best for kids, we are strong, keep smiling, and take some time to relax.

It's time to speak up and let legislators and the public know, we are the experts and know what's best for students. We are not blocking needed improvements. We are working hard to be the best every day. We know what education and classrooms are facing and we need to be at the table to offer solutions. Let's win the battle!!

Be looking for ways to learn, become active and keep informed. Reach out for encouragement and support. Our council area covers many miles, but we are just a scenic drive, a text, a phone call, an email, or video chat away. I am available to come out to locals!

 Susan Yaw, Council President

Letter from the President


To advocate for public education that meets the diverse needs of the students, staff, local associations and communities of North Central WEA UniServ Council area.




September, 2014

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